Like all great things, Maximo was created in the early 90s by immigrants in New York. He was raised around the colorful murals and warm sand of Miami where he decided to devote his life to enriching the experiences of others. As a college student, this meant becoming a teacher so Maximo received his b. Sc. in Education and was a certified educator by the Florida and California Departments of Education.

After moving to Oakland in 2013, he began his career teaching English and technology in high schools and middle schools across the Bay Area. Disappointed by the public education system, Maximo shifted his focus to work with non-profit organizations where he created and facilitated curriculum in digital literacy, resume creation, and networking.

Eventually, Maximo made the leap into the tech world where he helped digital publishers train and scale teams to meet the demands of their users. He’s developed learning solutions for social media giants, messaging apps, streaming services, and digital advertising platforms.

Maximo works in Training and Enablement at Pandora Media.